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I had a great time at church today. I was looking forward to lounging in bed after church, however when I got home, I could not unzip my dress, I had completely forgotten that my dress was zipped up by a friend in church. I wish I had remembered to partly unzip my dress before getting home. I tried all sorts of measures to get unzipped but this zip did not budge, so I pick change of clothes then, Ayomide and I went to a store in city centre.I walked into the ladies and waited patiently for a lady to come in to the ladies, while I was waiting, Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 flashed through my mind which says ‘
9 Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labour:
10 If either of them falls down,
one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
and has no one to help them up.
11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
But how can one keep warm alone?
Ecclesiastes 4:9-11
New International Version (NIV)
So I asked God for help which I promptly received when a lady walked in and helped me unzip my dress. Afterwards I made a mental note to ascertain that I can zip up a dress before buying it.



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Ayomide’s actions make me wonder what God thinks of me.

Ayomide would not sleep at night unless he can feel me by his side. So, days when I’m busy, I pet him till he sleeps, then I support him with pillows and wrap him with one of my clothes. Most times I’m able to get away with this ploy for about thirty to forty-five minutes, after which the absence of my heartbeat and the warmth of my cuddle gives me away. Then he yells baring his toothless gums with his eyes tightly shut! At this point, I leave whatever I’m doing in the kitchen or at my study table to pat him to sleep. Sometimes he sleeps off, but sometimes he insists, I imagine he is saying ‘ no mum, I want you right on the bed with me, with my head on your chest’.  So its either I pause the cooking/ studying or I put him in a sling. That way we both get what we want, he gets to sleep on my chest and I get to cook or study.

All these make me wonder at the things I have wrapped myself with, which are mimicking God’s presence, when He isn’t actually there. Most times I’m too lazy to probe, and the times that I do probe, I am too lazy to seek Him or insist on having His presence.  Now that I can see myself as the lazy girl that I am,  I apologize and thank you for instructing me through Ayomide. Lord I declare no one and nothing can take your place in my life. Neither your servants nor the Luke warmness of the place you’ve been can take the place of the heat of your presence.

If human me, enjoys the attention, my son gives me and demands from me. How much more You, because You are my father and the sole purpose for creating me is to fellowship with me. So I lay aside all seeming pressing issues and I put my head on your chest and bask in the embrace of your love. No Lord, I don’t have any requests, you know me, give me what I need, I just want to be cuddled by you. Okay, speak Lord, I am all ears, you have my total undivided attention, or perhaps it’s just the silence to restore my soul, but at least we have each other’s attention, this one time!


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I’m  still feeling guilty that I stopped writing. Writing again has restored my sense of purpose. Most times I don’t write because I don’t have a clear cut theme, but, I have decided to write anyway.

I actually have not written much since  got married which is absolutely wrong. However, it is never too late to get back on track and fulfil purpose.

Meeting my husband and getting married to him is so amazing and I think it beats any romantic novel  ever written, well except the bible which depicts God’s unconditional love for us humans and especially to me. No one needs to tell me, I know that God is crazy about me. I like to imagine that God acts like a hopelessly romantic crazy lover, who would leave everything he is doing, just to hear me say I love Him, even when I don’t speak to him as often as I should, He is still madly in love with me!

My pastor always said that God has the best in store for me, but I really did not fully grab that statement until I got married. Each time I think about my husband, I throw my hands up in the air and scream at the top of my lungs  saying ‘ Thank you Lord’ for the guys I thought were the best  but were not, and then prevented me from making the worst mistake of my life.

Its not that I don’t have misunderstanding with my husband, infact I have had several, but through it all, I am so glad that it is him I married and not any other person. Atimes I wake up in the middle of the night and watch him snore away and a flood of love overwhelms me. I really can’t wait to experience God’s best in our lives.

There are other times I look into those piercing, captivating eyes of his and all I can say is ……………… TRUTH: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

I’m glad I met you

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Each time I see you, I whisper a word of thanks to God,for making our paths cross. Having you as a heartmate, lover, soul mate and Husband is best gift from God.

Your personality amazes me, your dynamism thrills me and men!you’re so romantic, at times I think you are the hero of a romance novel.

We’ve been married for 28 days and I’m glad I’m married to you, I love you so much.

My personal miracle

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Guess what! I got my share of that new wine miraculously produced  by Jesus at cana too.

Well, like the couple, i had wine to entertain my guests too, but during my ceremony the wine was exhausted. To my utter disappointment, the who guests who had not had wine were more than those who had wine.

With the reality of my inpending disgrace looming, I called on the only one I knew could help – Jesus. So He came right in and ordered all the jars to be filled with water. At that point i jumped the gun by getting some of the liquid in my wine glass. I then announced to my family members that this is the wine provided by Jesus, eventhough He had not told me expressly that I could now have my wine.

Then I took a sip, but to my utter disbelief, it was still water. But then i told myself that my mind is playing tricks, but my eyes did not play tricks when my family memebers spat out the water and told me that this is not the time and place for such expensive jokes.

So i sat at the bottom of the stairs, with my shoulders down and my head bowed ready to accept the disgrace of my incapability to properly entertain my guests. Wondering why i was in such a hurry that i could not wait for Jesus.

It was that point, that i felt an inexplicable warmth as Jesus sat by me at the foot the stairs with His arms around me. He asked to let go of the embarrassment as result of the early exhaustion of the wine and my hasty declaration of new wine.

He, then takes me back to the jar and tells me ‘ your wine is ready’. After taking a sip, i did not have to tell anyone that there is now new wine because saw it on my face.

Eventhough everyone got wine that day, it is over 70 years now. The wine has not finished because God gave it to me. It gets sweeter day by day.



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The first time i heard his name,i found myself thinking  aloud saying”that sounds like the name of my husband” and then i met him, i was astounded by his creativity and mannerism, i felt as if God picked the book i had written all my dreams and fantasies of what i wanted in my man and breathed on it and out came this man of my dreams.

His principles and ideals live me speechless with disbelief, i must be dreaming i mutter to myself, how can a man i’ve never shown my journal recite my words word for word and tell me the things my man tells me in my fantasy

Hello world!

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